The sparks from the sabers and daggers of flying Sukhishvili men over the scene. Everything is for real here: burning passion, incredible speed, exactness and power.


Georgian dancers are striking through their choreography, whirligig rotations in the air and under foot, dizzying leaps filling the stage with dynamic energy. Men are dancing with amazing precision, and women are moving with the smooth grace of angels. Union of bravado and gracefulness makes the program absolutely unforgettable and different from others.


The visiting card of the ensemble – "the dance on the toes". This is a famous choreographic movement, which requires the highest skills of a dancer. The movement starts to be learned at the age of five and skills are sharpening throughout the life. By the way, such move contains the element of seduction: it was believed for a long time that it is inadmissible to beg on knees before a beautiful woman, but on toes – special chic and delight.


"Try to jump up grouped in the air and then fall on the floor right on kneecaps and spring to your feet again as to repeat everything again and again. Perform the rotation on your toes being booted in soft boots with such velocity that no one could see your face. And immediately twist on your knees on the edge of the scene. Enchant lovely ladies, peacefully and archly overseeing your dare dance, the aim of which – is to get on their good side".

The Washington Post (USA)


"The world's greatest dancers. The Georgian dancers fly. There is a storm on the stage!"

Daily Mirror, Australia


"These fierce choreographic warriors, with sparks literally flying from the clashing swords, swooping in the air, whirling around on tip-toe, or simply preening themselves prouder than peacocks, are first, foremost and magnificent".

New York Post, USA


Sukhishvili – Georgian National Ballet

For more than 70 years of history, concerts of Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet

 have been attended by tens of millions of admiring spectators from different parts of the world! Now ballet is returning to Bucharest to recharge you with its exceptional energy!


Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet was founded by Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945. Sukhishvili has been toured all over the world striking the inhabitants of the globe with their dances since the foundation. More than 90 million of spectators have already seen their live performances – it is almost a century success.


Every year the team performs about 300 acts. Millions of people in more than 100 countries are literally snapping up tickets, where the name of Sukhishvili is easily readable albeit in different languages… and whose performances brings outstanding and lively emotions to the audience.


Georgian National Ballet was represented by many famous impresarios and companies from all over the world, its performances were held in Albert Hall, the Colosseum, the Metropolitan opera, Madison Square Garden and dozens of other famous places.


100 dancers, 2500 unique costumes, an orchestra and magnificent exotic choreography will delight the audience with daring dances with elements of acrobatics and martial arts! Fabulous costumes and a story told dynamically with indescribable passion make the ballet Sukhishvili a unique show for the whole family! Therefore, critics recognize Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet as "the eighth wonder of the world" and "a unique phenomenon".

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